The Fair Finance Fund

Date of Publication

October 2021


Over the past ten years, there has been a dramatic increase in impact investing worldwide. Broadly described, impact investing by social finance funds seeks to invest in projects that create social, environmental and economic benefits.

The impact investing sector is heavily impacted by several variables, including macro-economic shifts, geopolitics, and current social trends. Each of these plays an important role in guiding the impact that social finance funds look to create, the tools used to enact this change and what investors expect their impact to achieve.

With the announcement of federal funding rolling out for the social finance sector, the world of impact investing has come of age. Governments across the globe have recognized the economic, environmental and social power of funding social enterprises. Businesses like our clients make the world a better place as they operate; the commitment and leadership from our investors have multiplied that impact across Ontario.

The Fair Finance Fund is thrilled to release their first public impact report, Social Finance Finds Its Way, showcasing the Fund’s impact over this past year, six new investments into the local food and farm sector and our vision/commitments for 2022. 

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