How to Become a Member

Any organization that meets the below criteria and supports the mission, mandate, core values, and guiding principles is eligible and warmly welcome to join the Table. Those wishing to do so are asked to contact the Secretariat, demonstrating alignment with the terms of reference, for endorsement by TIIP’s Board of Directors.

Voting Members

Voting members of the Table are funds (in any corporate form) that are current in all of their membership obligations, and are a social and/or environmental focused fund, Canada-based and a Canadian-operated entity:

  • With an existing capital base whose primary purpose is impact investing;
  • Actively deploying capital to generate measurable social and/or environmental returns, as well as patient, concessionary or market-based financial returns;
  • Investing primarily in non-publicly traded Canadian enterprises; and 
  • Producing accessible reports, including robust impact measures, on its activities.

Associate Members

Social finance entities, including networks of social finance intermediaries, emerging social impact funds, foundations with leading impact investment practices, networks of community development organizations, incubators and accelerators, impact funds-of-funds, individual researchers, mentors, and advisors are welcome to join the Table as Associate Members.